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The Challenge

Connectivity (phones, internet, email, etc.) underpins our society, our communication and everyday life. Network infrastructure around the world is not only complicated and expensive, its complexity renders it vulnerable to disaster (hurricanes, wildfires), technical problems, cost, and attack.

Our Solution

OWL brings hardware and software together. Simple wireless devices establish malleable information networks and software enables us to use them.

Natural Disasters
Large Events & Sports
Industrial and Energy

Natural Disasters

Deployable Communications Networks

Hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, wildfires, and other natural disasters are a constant threat around the world. Disaster response is a complex logistical task made more difficult without the infrastructure we are used to in our daily lives.

OWL supports disaster resilience and response through cost effective, easy to use, and rapidly deployable wireless communications infrastructure that can provide first responders critical networking capacity.

OWL for Disaster Response


C4ISR Communications Sensor Networks

Governments are tasked in the largest and most complex response efforts from both natural and man-made disasters. In these scenarios, interoperable sensor and communications networks facilitate information gathering to support large-scale operations.

Project OWL supports government and military organizations with customizable networking technology at sea, in the air, or on land.

OWL for government

Events & Sports

Resilient Mass Networking

Conferences, sports events, concerts, and gatherings present a different challenge to traditional infrastructure. The density of connectivity in these scenarios can overload systems and the result is an experience as if a disaster had cut off power even when it had not.

Project OWL supports connectivity dense events with rapidly scalable networking that integrates with all of your consumer electronics.

OWL for Events

Energy & Industrials

Delay-Tolerant Sensor Networks

Industrial energy, petroleum, and manufacturing companies are looking to innovate to remain competitive in a technologically-driven business landscape. Legacy systems are in remote environments, prohibitively expensive, and hard to monitor oceans away.

OWL supports industrials with cost-effective sensing networks for a more efficient supply chain and operations.

OWL for Industrial

OWL Software

Manage networks with the OWL Data Management System (DMS) in the cloud. This system provides simple mapping and informational tools to maintain awareness of all activity on your network.

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DuckLink Hardware

A simple device, quick to deploy. The DuckLink connects to almost all consumer electronics and clusters with other DuckLinks to form the ClusterDuck network.

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2018 IBM Call For Code Global Grand Prize Winner

The IBM Call for Code is a global hackathon focused on innovative technology that makes a positive impact. From 100,000 developers and over 156 nations, OWL was selected as the 2018 Global Grand Prize Winner.

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See OWL in action

SpaceDucks III Deployment | San Luis Obispo June 2023

The SpaceDuck is a custom build communications device that uses Open Source firmware and custom-built hardware. This device is being used to research how project OWL can bring cheap and simple communication devices to areas affected by natural disasters.

The Project Owl Pilot: Puerto Rico

Watch a brief documentary on the first deployment of Project OWL in Puerto Rico, March 2019

THIS is a DUCK... and it could save your life

Linus Tech Tips

How does a city stay connected after a hurricane hits?

Overview of Project OWL

Project OWL Puerto Rico Deployment II | October 2019

October 2019 deployment of our Solarducks at the University of Puerto Rico Mayag├╝ez