Ducks Work Together

Get your Ducks in a row. The DuckLink devices connect quickly and seamlessly to one another, expanding a wireless ad-hoc network to the location and scale that fits your needs.

Accessing the Network

Find the network as a WiFi network on your smartphone or laptop. A web page will pop-up automatically providing an opportunity to share information with others such as your location, name, needs, and a brief message.

How It Works

Project OWL deploys DuckLink wireless devices to rapidly create mesh networks on the ground. A DuckLink is a small Internet-of-Things (IoT) device that provides connectivity to consumer electronics over WiFi or Bluetooth, and can talk to other DuckLinks over 915Mhz LoRa, a long-range and low power radio. These wireless technologies in one device can provide an off-grid, off-telecoms networking solution when traditional infrastructure is offline.

ClusterDuck Protocol

The ClusterDuck Protocol is an open source firmware for mesh network internet-of-things devices based on LoRa radio and can include WiFi and Bluetooth compatibility created by PROJECT OWL. This protocol enables quick and easy set up of wireless communications, sensor, and other network devices.

ClusterDuck Protocol Protocol GitHub

Ducks Around The World

Locations where Ducks have been deployed to date.


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